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Our 2018 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon hails from the eastern floor of Oakville, on the Silverado Trail. Grown in the Giannone Vineyard which revered for its depth and complexity, with true varietal character. Benefiting from full day sun and rocky mineral laden soils, this vineyard is a gem among the giants of Oakville.

Our winemaker carefully crafts this wine to allow the elegance and balance of the vineyard show. The aromas open with rich plum and tobacco. On the palate the fruit intensifies with briary dark fruit and cedar. The tannins are firm but balanced and the finish has a distinct acidity. This wine has the potential to age gracefully in your cellar for decades.

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$125.00 per Bottle

Corvus is a widely distributed genus of medium-sized to large birds in the family Corvidae. The genus includes species commonly known as crows, ravens, rooks and jackdaws.

Corvus is California Cabernet Sauvignon is produced from Cabernet grapes grown in two distinct regions. Half the grapes are grown in Lodi which lends up front fruit character and a smooth finish. The second half of the fruit is grown in Lake County to add a gentle acidity and smooth structure. The wine is barrel aged in French Oak for 28 months prior to

bottling to aid in the balance and smooth texture.

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$24.00 per Bottle
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$288.00 per Case

Our Mélange is a wine that is produced in the Right Bank Bordeaux style. This wine is blended to highlight the best of each varietal and showcase the rich elegance of these two signature vineyards.

Grapes for the 2019 SMITH WOOTON Mélange come from two highly acclaimed Napa Valley Vineyard. Flinn Vineyard is the site where our single vineyard cabernet franc is made. In addition, we blended in merlot grown in the Longmeadow Ranch vineyard. Both of these sites are expertly farmed using Bordeaux practices and influence. Winemaker, Daniel Benton further accentuated our homage to the Right Bank by using old world European techniques in the cellar.

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$55.00 per Bottle

2009 CROZE Cabernet Sauvignon is unveiled for you in its brand new package.  here is a wine with its roots in the Rutherford dust and its pedigree is long. OWN THE WINE, SAVOR  THE DUST!


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$456.00 per Case
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$125.00 | $75.00 per Bottle

Here's another handsome wine from Flinn Vineyard.  Expect great things from our 2014 vintage. Only 250 cases were produced and demand is high! Order it now, but be sure to lay some away in your cellar to celebrate the future!

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$45.00 per Bottle
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$540.00 | $432.00 per Case